Mademoiselle Maurice | Urban instalation artist

Mademoiselle Maurice is a 28 year old French artist that we think is worth paying attention to. She works in multiple mediums: from paper (origami) to yarn (crochet), and everything in between, to create some pretty intense and none permanent street art. Truly beautiful.

Music Paste | Poster show (All ages)

If you like posters as much as we do, then this is right up your alley. Our friends over at Little Mountain Gallery (195 East 26th) are hosting Music Paste on June 9th. Name sounds familiar? It should. This one-night-only showcase featuring original gig poster design and live music is part of the Music Waste Festival.

Talk to your kids about art school

Every so often an ad campaign comes out that is so brilliant in it's concept that we feel that it is worth mentioning, "Talk To Your Kids About Art School" is one of those campaigns.

Latitude 53

Founded in 1973, by a collective of Edmonton artists, Latitude 53 lives in an old brick building that was once a dairy creamery.

Goodfellas Gallery

Parkdale is one of Toronto’s only authentic neighborhoods left. I can’t think of another area where you can get this kind of free entertainment. It is like a circus with no admission.


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