Puma Presents: Style

Photography: Alan Chan | Styling: Deanna Palkowski @Lizbell Makeup and Hair: Andrea Tiller using Tresemme Hair Care/ Models: Kyla @Next and Justin @Lizbell

Terrarium Vivarium

Photography: Kin Chan
Stylist: Deanna Palkowski-Lizbell
Hair& Make-up: Jenna Kuchera - NOBASURA
Model: Channing-Next

Stussy X Converse X Hanni El Khatib

To celebrate the launch of their Summer 2012 footwear capsule, Stussy and  Converse linked in with Hanni El Khatib, who we interviewed a while back, and he is featured in this short film. Read the interview with Hanni El Khatib here

Community 54

Parkdale is getting props these days. And not just of the hip hop kind. Actual props.

Grab Your Board

And go sidewalk surfing with me.

Patkau Architects’ Skating Shelters

With 600,000 residents, Winnipeg is the coldest city in the world of its size outside Siberia. Yikes. Rather than shy away from the freezing temperature, Jordan Ardanaz realizes it makes sense to celebrate it, make the most of the elements and get creative.

André Azevedo

Should we talk about how cool embroidery is? Your grandma does it. We did it in kindergarten. It was awesome! André Azevedo fuses several artistic techniques; drawing, painting and even sewing over fabrics to build layered pieces.

Chip & Pepper

In everything they do, they exude a genuine, passionate, infantile excitement and exuberance. It makes one wonder how these clothing designers have managed to build a multi-million dollar enterprise while staying so damn cool, and (let’s face it) adolescent.


The secret to Salazar Motion Picture Collective’s triumphs may be cliché, but it’s honest: they’re driven by passion. The popularity of their narrative shorts (cleverly disguised as music videos and ad promos) is due not to fancy equipment, which they don’t have, or inflated budgets, which they haven’t been afforded—it lies in their eagerness to go anywhere to obtain the best shot possible.

Raif Adelberg

Raif Adelberg’s body is covered in tattoos but the cutest is of a peanut on his palm. It’s there as a reminder to never to let things slip through his hands. Darker by comparison, he has the Charles Manson quote “I can never be in love. Because I am love,” tattooed on the inside of his arm. It’s there because he finds Charlie very interesting. This is just one of many amusing contradictions surrounding this Vancouver artist/fashion designer.


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