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We love coffee—the smell, the taste, the kick—and the good folks over at Doi Chaang Coffee Company have offered us a gift basket to give to one lucky reader who loves coffee as much as we do.

Doi Chaang Coffee Company is Vancouver-based, with its coffee grown in small, family-owned gardens inside Doi Chang Village in Northern Thailand. Half of the Canadian company is owned by the farmers, the indigenous Akha Hill Tribe. Doi Chaang Coffee Co. is committed to bringing economic and environmental sustainability to the Akha Hill Tribe and Doi Chang Village through its BEYOND FAIR TRADE® business practices to ensure shared economic sustainability and prosperity.

Included in the gift basket are 1lb bags of Peaberry, Dark, and Espresso, as well as a tin of Wild Civet—the rare and highly coveted coffee made from coffee cheries that have been passed through the digestive system of a Civet—yes, that high-end "cat poop coffee."

To win this Doi Chaang Coffee Company prize pack, tell us why you need this caffeine-kick in the comment section below.


Prize consists of three one-pound bags of coffee (Peaberry, Dark, Espresso) and a tin of Wild Civet (Prize Pack valued at $100)
Contest closes February 28, 2013 at 10PM (PST)
Winner announced March 1, 2013


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I need because coffee=community. It is such a great way to build and maintain friendships. That and I am highly addicted to it and go into withdrawal without it...

I need this prize pack because I am a new parent -- and sleep is basically a luxury item that is presently missing from our household.

That's interesting. Civet oil (from the anal gland of a civet cat) is used in high-end fragrances.

I don't think I can beat Richard's reason. I think he needs it more than me... congrats & hang in there dude!

I need this prize pack because I just quit smoking and coffee is my replacement drug that I can not live without :)

Doi Chaang coffee fuels me every morning for a hard day at work!!! I'm busy helping people all day long and I definitely need my caffeine fix from DC to keep me awake :)

I wake up at 5 so i really need something to get my butt moving!

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