Frankie Cosmos Release New Single/Video Ahead Of Upcoming Album

It’s the case of Where Did They Find the Time? Punchy, hooky, adorb-wave act Frankie Cosmos have seemingly been on the road nonstop for the last few years. After their all-encompassing touring schedule, you would imagine the band would retire home for a year or so, settle into life and then get reacquainted with their songs. In this case, it seems the band has gone right ahead and made a brand new 21-track album, Close It Quietly, which will be released by Sub Pop Records on September 6th. In honour of this announcement, the Cosmos Crew has also released the infectious first single and video for the album, “Windows”. While it doesn’t stray far from what you would expect for the group, one million hooks, the smooth lead vocals of singer Greta Kilne and backed by a killer rhythm section, the song definitely does hit harder than some of their previously released work. We will find out in September if that is the product of working with Co-Producer and Engineer Gabe Wax at Brooklyn’s Figure 8 Studios, but in the meantime, we all get to enjoy the Greta Kline and Eliza Doyle-directed video for the song. The clip firmly places us into the world of which you would imagine Frankie Cosmos to exist. All best friends and tons of puppies, the video is an exhilarating blast of concentrated sunshine that should kick off any day for you in the most pleasant way. 

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