Blue J Debut First Song

Fans of Vancouver’s music scene may know Justice McLellan from his work spearheading the electro pop sounds of Mesa Luna, but McLellan has now branched out into something on the complete opposite end of the spectrum from his other band with the beautifully plaintive Blue J. Whereas Mesa Luna would submerse you with their electronic collage, Blue J chooses to casually invite you into their all organic world. Their debut track, “Early Show”, kicks this off with an organ drone that gives way into a gently strummed melancholic guitar. Lyrically the song is made up of every conversation you have had if you are even tangentially associated with bands.  “We need a release plan, it’s gotta be so cutting edge or something like Radiohead’s, but different,” McLellan cheekily sings in the final refrain of the track. Regardless of their strategy, Blue J sets their own tone with a very strong debut that should leave fans of good songs looking forward to more.

You can catch Blue J supporting SALES at the Biltmore Cabaret (2755 Prince Edward St) in Vancouver on Friday, December 1st.

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