On Baseball's Opening Day, Let's Not Forget Scott Stapp's Stupid Song

Spring is here, which means so is baseball. Not counting the weekend's showcase games (one of which featured the Yankees for no other reason than: Yankees), today is an unofficial holiday with much of the continent. This afternoon marks the beginning of the end of winter and the often associated misery that comes along with it. HOWEVER, if you want one last slice of misery, let's commemorate this day like I always do by listening to Creed frontman Scott Stapp's dumpster song about Miami's MLB team. At least Prince's song about the Minnesota Vikings was dreadful but somehow still seemed to have effort. I'm not sure where Stapp thought this song would be played apart from his Tacoma or whatever he drives around in listening to his own voice with a smug sense of self satisfaction. Yes, Creed jokes in 2017 are tired, and at the very least, low-hanging fruit, so rather than listen to the song itself, perhaps listen to former nationally-broadcasted colossal anus Jim Rome's take on it instead. 

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