The Coathangers Share New Video for "Drifter"

The Atlanta, Georgia music scene seems to foster the type of bands that have the ability to blend a punk rock and garage aesthetic with a southern twang. Cow punk this is not, but something more real, more exciting, something that has the potential to eclipse genre with each album these acts produce. No one represents this more than The Coathangers. The band has been putting out records for nearly a decade now, all the while spending that much time on the road honing their skills. What started as a lark ten years ago at a basement party has become something very legitimate. Today the band has released the video for the track “Drifter”, which appears on their newly released EP, Parasite. The clip perfectly captures the essence of the song with images of the group, in washed out hues, cavorting on a beach clearly past it’s summertime prime. The track itself is a bit of anomaly for the band. Drummer Stephanie Luke takes on lead vocal duties, her melody gently swaying over Morricone-esque acoustic guitar and backup vocals. It is a very lovingly crafted track and, quite possibly, the perfect stop gap between The Coathangers we know and love and what ever they have cooked up for the future.

Photo: Erika Reinsel 

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