Eyn Phonecase

Men, forget bulky jeans pockets and women, leave the purse at home, and say “thank you” to the EYN iPhone case. EYN – which, aptly, stands for ‘Everything You Need” - combines your wallet and your phone, as well as including a compact mirror and a secure space for anything from bank cards, I.D., business cards and cash. It does make your iPhone a little bulkier, but hey, it’s lightweight plastic and carries all you need, cutting out all the unnecessary garbage we tend to carry around with us on a day-to-day basis. It also conveniently has a stand you can use for video chat and watching movies. Currently available for the iPhone4 and 4S, in black, pink, and turquoise. The people at EYN are also working on getting a case for the iPhone5. Available for $29.99 at eynproducts.com.

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