Father John Misty: New "Total Entertainment Forever" Video

For months leading up the release of the latest Father John Misty album Pure Comedy, we’ve been barraged by moments that scream “Peak Misty”. With every new interview, quote or social media post the man formerly known as Josh Tillman surpasses the last level of absurdity he had previously set for himself.  Today with the release of the video for the single, “Total Entertainment Forever”, FJM has managed to distill the last few months of current events into a satirical cocktail that only he could pull off. Assisted by the directorial team Four Gods and a Baby, featuring Adam Green and Macaulay Culkin, we are witness to a Viagra popping George Washington taking a trip into virtual reality. While there he watches the torture and crucifixion of Kurt Cobain by a hook handed FJM and his minions who are all decked out in matching Ronald McDonald-esque outfits. Throughout this trip there are references to cucks, Nazis getting punched, and small cameos from Jon Arbuckle and a saxophone playing Bill Clinton. In lesser hands this could’ve come off as a mess and perhaps it is to some but FJM keeps everything in balance, gleefully using absurdity to comment on the IRL absurdity that has been surrounding us this last while. With “Total Entertainment Forever” we may have reached “Peak Misty” but before we call it let’s wait a few minutes to see what he does next.

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