Fischerspooner Release New Remixes

In the wake of the perpetual "choke on all the money they can make off nostalgia" Hollywood cycle, Kathleen Kennedy and LucasGoFuckYourselfArts have green lit a remake of the much loved (by only William Friedkin) film, Cruising. In this steamy updated version Al Pacino returns as detective Steve Burns and is once again thrust - repeatedly - into the seedy underworld of the NYC underground S&M scene. The leather bars are once again awash in blood and horror this time at the hands of a copycat killer in the form of the new king of the "bear" scene (played by...Josh Gad?). Directed by and featuring a dizzying original score by Fischerspooner, will an aged Steve Burns be able to get his head and little adorable leather hat back in the game in time to prevent more grisly deaths? This Christmas tune in to what is sure to be a tasteful and less offensive sequel in Cruising 2: Cruise It or Lose it.

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