HAIM Debut "Little Of Your Love"

Haim is carefully steering their new album, Something To Tell You, towards the masses on July 7th and after their quite fun looking pop up shop this weekend in LA the sisters have decided to drop their brand new single, “Little Of Your Love”. The 50’s indebted song is an infectious earworm. Kicking off with baritone sax hits over a boppy piano riff, the track highlights the strong songwriting that Haim has become known for. When the band is aping popular music styles, 50’s doo wop here, they still manage to make it all their own. By the time we get to the quiet second chorus, which is essentially the sisters harmonizing together, there’s already been about a million hooks that the whole endeavor has burrowed itself into your subconscious, set up shop and will probably never leave. With “A Little Of Your Love” Haim has crafted something that die-hard fans and newbies alike will be giving a lot of their love too.

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