HAIM Debut "Right Now" Video

With a week’s worth of Twitter videos and Instagram stories behind us, HAIM yesterday morning finally released the thing they’ve been teasing us with, another teaser. For those hoping a brand new album would drop or at the very least a new single were instead treated to a lovingly made live video of the LA-based sisters in the recording studio performing a version of their new song “Right Now”. Shot in one take by Maya Rudolph’s husband Paul Thomas Anderson, the clip features the band drenched in a stark blue/grey hue while the camera affectionately lingers on each of them for a moment before it all builds into a wonderful crescendo with Danielle at the piano pouring her heart out to a love lost while Este and Alana wail on drums in the background. Although most fans may have wanted more, HAIM did also unveil some details about their new album, which will be out July 7th and entitled Something To Tell You, with the first official single dropping next week on May 3rd. It is definitely nice to have the band back. Hearing Danielle croon through the bridge of this song made me realize how much I missed hearing them. It’s a great teaser but still unfortunately still too much of a tease. Fans around the world are already hooked though and as Este succinctly puts it as the video fades to black, “That’s how you fucking do it.”

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