HAIM Teases New Material

Have you ever had a moment like this? You’re waiting for a bus, grabbing your morning coffee or even at the Laundromat and, BOOM, you look up and see something that you know will intrinsically change your life forever. Your heart starts to beat faster, your eyes grow wider and those wonderful little butterflies start flip flapping around in your stomach.  You stand up, stare and start walking as if a dolly is slowly pulling you toward your destination. The beat of your heart telegraphing your every movement like a drum beat powerful yet restrained. You knew this moment was coming but to see it unfold like this, not exactly how you thought it would be when you played it over and over in your mind all those times, is transcendently exciting. You are literally an in-real-life version of the heart-eyed emoji person.

Well, stop whatever you are doing, press play on the above and welcome to that moment.

HAIM will be having a moment of some kind on April 27 and I’m so excited I probably won’t be able to sleep until then.

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