Hear Tough Age's "Picquant Frieze"

It’s been a couple years since Tough Age released their last album, I Get The Feeling Central, and in that time the band has gone through a lot of changes. Jarrett Samson and Penny Clark packed their bags and moved across the country from Vancouver to Toronto and the band itself has scaled back from a four-piece to a power trio with the addition of drummer Jesse Locke and Clark taking over bass duties. What hasn’t changed for Tough Age is their ability to write perfect songs. On October 20th the band will release their new album, Shame, and leading up to that, have just released the record’s new single “Piquant Frieze”. Kicking things off with a false start and some laughter, the band quickly launches into the proceedings with a tight yet convulsive drumbeat and don’t let up on the energy or the melody for the track’s brief yet satisfying run time. Chock full of hooks and an incredible feedback drenched guitar solo, “Piquant Frieze” is a perfect tease for what is to come on October 20th and the release of Tough Age’s Shame.

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