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The world’s been on a real downward slide the last few years. Now, at what seems to be peak terrible, LA’s No Age have returned from a long absence to share a little bit of light. On January 26th the two-piece release their brand new album, Snares Like A Haircut, and today have dropped the first taste of the record with the single, “Soft Collar Fad”. It’s as if no time has passed since the 2013 release of their last record, An Object, as if in the ensuing four years No Age hasn’t actually, well, aged. Bombastic guitars screeching and careening around a quick yet solid drum beat only to be matched in their intensity by some amazingly distorted samples and a super earworm inducing vocal melody. While the release of Snares Like A Haircut is still a ways out, it’s pretty wonderful to have that to look forward too while having an absolute ripper like “Soft Collar Fad” keep us company now.

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