Louise Burns Shares "Who's The Madman" Video

Louise Burns has been crafting wonderfully moody pop songs for a while now but with her latest album Young Mopes, Burns seems to have tapped into a je ne sais quoi quality that has resulted in some of her strongest work to date. This is also extremely evident in the pair of videos she’s released for the first two singles off the record. Joining the surreal effervescent haunted house clip for “Storms” is yesterday’s cotton candy-coloured release of “Who’s The Madman”. Directed by the Exquisite Corpse team and shot on film, the video features a TV obsessed vampire, Burns in a delightful Count Floyd-esque outfit, who follows a ghost out of her coffin and into the televised world she has been binging on. Perhaps it’s all a commentary on our modern day compulsion to watch 12 hours straight of Netflix or a subtle persistence about the rewards of actively participating in one’s life? Whatever the final point may be, the proceeding is a fantastic, almost handmade creation that pushes the fun side of Burns' personality while not straying too far away from the glorious melancholy that has been a captivating measure of her work. 

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