Marika Hackman Shares Video For New Single "My Lover Cindy"

Sub Pop Records' newest discovery Marika Hackman’s stellar new album I’m Not Your Man isn’t available until June 2nd, but in the meantime she’s shared the video for the new single, “My Lover Cindy,” to tide us all over till it drops. Directed by Sam Bailey, the clip features a couple that decide to take out their mysterious unsaid differences with each other in a fencing match. Bookended by Hackman’s cameo as the couple’s butler, we witness the couple kiss, engage and advance on each other until one is thrust upon to a pretty unexpected outcome.  Beautifully shot, the video embodies the essence of the song -- biting, dark and humorously real. It’s the emergence of an incredible new artist that we will be hearing so much more about.

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