Mogwai Debut "Coolverine" Video

Post rock will never and should never die. Not only is it pretty much going to be the sound of the planet after she is devoid of all human life, but in present day, it is the soundtrack to everything cinematic. Editors notoriously cut to the paces of Explosions in the Sky before they add in whatever off-brand versions of that band they have licensed for the film or programme. 

"Coolverine" is the newest from the longtime best-in-show of the genre, Mogwai. The song is a fine example of what the band can do better than anyone else, which is want the listener to hit the "repeat" button even if the song is a 16 minute-long instrumental. The title is a bit of a vestigial portmanteau, but when you're a band without vocals, you end up naming your songs whatever the hell you like, as evidenced by Mogwai's discography. 

Anyway, this video is basically the population of the Earth getting raptured by the gravitational pull of a second moon that's shown up, while a Peter Capaldi-looking motherfucker loses his goddamn mind about it. Post rock will maintain because the easier it gets to make beautiful videos with minimal technology, the more we need music like this. Mogwai prevails, and never forget that Blur are shite. 


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