Never Mind Who I’m Calling: It’s Nobody’s Business but Maxus

Who says session musicians can’t play with the big boys? Maxus, formed by Los Angeles-based studio wizards Michael Landau and Robbie Buchanan, tossed their own hat into the rock ring with the release of an eponymous 1981 album. The single “Nobody’s Business” is a smooth pop rocker about a steamy affair played out over the phone. Pianist and lead vocalist Jay Bruska croons about dialing up his hot lover even as his existing partner sleeps next to him. Not exactly discreet, but I guess this was in those simpler days when privacy wasn’t some pie in the sky notion and the police seizing your phone as evidence didn’t send you up shit creek without a paddle (your goose is cooked if this ever goes down). As if his brash infidelity wasn’t enough, Bruska gets all uppity about his right to do his own thing, declaring “never mind who I’m callin’ ‘cause it’s nobody’s business but mine.” Can you at least take it to another room, pal? I’m trying to get some shuteye and at least maintain the pretence of not dating a faithless loser. The video for “Nobody’s Business” makes this hidden romance even hotter (try to keep it in your pants), and finds a fetching young woman fantasizing about those sly rogues from Maxus, who look surprisingly awkward on camera. To be fair, I suppose these session vets perform their finest work behind closed doors, when it’s nobody’s business but theirs. That’s all right, Maxus. We all get performance anxiety now and then. The video’s starlet attends a ripping Maxus gig where she imagines all five members of the band as her would-be suitors. It’s an enticing thought: being treated like a queen by five average-looking men with shitty haircuts and phony smiles. But like all dreams we must eventually wake to the sad reality of lying in bed with only a poster of Maxus on the wall keeping us company. At least she’s got her phone, and who knows what sexy rendezvous awaits on the other side? Never mind who she’s calling, mom! All you squares can go and get fucked!  

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