New Belle & Sebastian Video

The music of Glasgow’s Belle and Sebastian is very easily suited to a Saturday morning. They are an almost perfect soundtrack to putting on a pot of coffee, still draped in your bedspread while avoiding an Autumn morning’s chill. It seems as if this is something the band themselves have realized and brought to fruition with the new video for the recently released single, “We Were Beautiful”. Directed by Blair Young, of UK based film collective The Forest Of Black, the clip details the rituals of the early weekend risers throughout the bands beautiful city. Shot throughout Glasgow, we are treated to a meditative look at the people that make up the city and all of their routines. Exploring with a new love, getting your morning run out of the way, bounding about an empty house with your siblings as your parents sleep upstairs, the clip is a sliver of a look at all the joy and the pain that make up our collective Saturday mornings and perfectly sound tracked to bands uplifting synth pop musings.  We can all admit that getting up on a Saturday morning isn’t always the easiest thing but there’s not a much more delightful way to go about it then to have a band like Belle and Sebastian serenade you through.

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