NOTHING shares new song "Spell"

As a part of Bandcamp’s amazing “Our First 100 Days” series, Philadelphia’s Nothing have released the track “Spell”. For the first 100 Days of He Who Must Not Be Named’s presidential administration, 100 different bands are putting out a new song every day, which can be streamed directly from their Bandcamp pages or all purchased for a $30 dollar minimum from Bandcamp, with the proceeds going to benefit various worthwhile causes. “Spell”, originally part of the sessions Nothing had recorded for last year's Tired Of Tomorrow, is a languid, spaced out shoegaze-y joint featuring just washed-out acoustic guitar and dreamy vocals. An absolute earworm of a vocal melody, “Spell” even includes a mid-song guitar solo that channels The Beatles' “My Life”. These kinds of flourishes showcase the incredible songwriting ability of the band and even though Nothing weren’t able to include “Spell” on their last album it remains a very winning addition to the “Our First 100 Days” worthwhile cause.

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