Pains of Being Pure at Heart Release New Video

There's just over a month's wait before the new Pains Of Being Pure At Heart record, The Echo Of Pleasure, drops and today the band has shared the video for the first single "When I Dance With You". Since their debut, The Pains have had this refreshingly unpretentious vibe about them that has always been a big part of their charm. This charm comes through winningly with this clip. Directed by visual artist Ralph Fuller, "When I Dance With You" seems to be a lost relic of the 80s. The band is rendered out in an A-ha-esque penciled-in stop motion while the backgrounds tumble and spin, all the while remaining the best delicate blues and pinks of the era.  Lead singer Kip Berman croons, "When I dance with you, I feel okay," but by the time that synth line starts to growl and the drums are at maximum danceability you will be feeling more than just okay.

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