Papa Roach’s “Born for Greatness” Video Is Actually Pretty Inspiring

In a world gone mad greatness is a precious commodity these days. For Papa Roach, patron saints of the suburban wasteland and 4-H clubs everywhere, the decision to release their new video “Born for Greatness” exclusively via Apple Music means that scores of their angst-ridden teenage fans are now reduced to getting their greatness fix elsewhere, presumably from a dime bag or the overturned Fleshlight truck on Route 9 (you can’t miss it). And that’s a real shame because with “Born for Greatness”, the latest single from Papa Roach’s ninth studio album Crooked Teeth, Vacaville, California’s favourite sons succeed in putting together a video that surprisingly delivers on frontman Jacoby Shaddix’s promise “to showcase to the world that no matter your struggle and/or adversity, you are born for greatness.” Directed by Bryson Roatch, who sounds like the band’s long-lost Dutch uncle, “Born for Greatness” features Aaron “Wheelz” Fotheringham (wheelchair motocross athlete), Jen Bricker (professional aerialist), and Jean Sok (breakdancer), three people whose amazing talents prove that physical challenges are no match next to sheer force of will – and it sure as shit doesn’t hurt when you’ve got Papa Roach in your corner! Other highlights include a gang of wayward children marauding the streets while promoting the next Papa Roach gig and an obnoxious hipster getting pelted with a hot dog that stains the absolute fuck out of his piano key necktie. Sure, it’s all rather heavy-handed, but the underlying message remains uplifting, even if it’s coming from a group whose biggest claim to fame is a hit song about throwing in the towel from the comfort of your parents’ basement. And although the music’s mostly forgettable, it’s still your daddy’s Papa Roach, which promises the same big riffs, abrupt silences, and shrill screams that bring all the horny teenagers to the table, i.e., greatness. May it be ever thus. 

You can check out the video here.

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