Quiet Hollers Release New Track, Announce Full-Length

Lament as men my age (and often, race) will about the irrelevance of guitar-based music for the past decade and a half, there's a certain glee I'm sure most of us feel that every new song made with your standard instrument lineup (bass, drums, guitar) feels like a little secret gem we get to keep in a rose-scented box under our beds, away from all the manic episodes that permeate the Hot 100 and leftfield dance scenes. 

Of course, I say this as a resident of Cascadia; a part of the world that feels like the end of the theatrical cut of Blade Runner (sunny and lush! Nobody is a replicant!) where most of the population is doing their best to cast aside anything they once enjoyed in hopes of catching onto something that hasn't even been tagged as "fresh" yet. Louisville, Kentucky is another world completely. Their favourite sons, Quiet Hollers, announced their third full length today, and have shared a lead track. "Medicine" does that thing good songs do in that it's a happy, Spoon-esque mid-tempo jam, twisted with tension by lyrics about something dreadful. Perhaps there are still some good guitar songs left in this world, and perhaps Quiet Hollers can please us without having to create mystery or a publicity stunt, and from time to time, you can be in the mood where that's all you really need. 

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