Ride Premiere New Video

Today the UK’s Ride releases, Weather Diaries, their first record in twenty years and as a little extra surprise they have also put out the Jade Mortimer directed video for their latest single “All I Want”. Following an intense British fellow who is running exhaustively and interspersed with clips of the band performing the track, director Mortimer explains that she wanted the video to have a simple but effective concept. “I came up with a simple idea of this character on this journey. He's running, from or to something, and he's sweaty, tired, exhausted and in pain” she adds, “I wanted it to build throughout the track from beginning to end." Build it does. Buoyed by some classic sounding “Madchester” drumming and an absolutely anthemic chorus, Ride remain rooted in their shoegaze-y past while sounding, and with this video looking, refreshingly current. So while we are waiting for Lush and Curve to mount new albums and for Slowdive to hit town again, you can’t go wrong with this latest offering from a thoroughly modern day Ride.

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