Slumberland Records' Real Numbers Release New Single

Minneapolis's Real Numbers released their debut album, Wordless Wonder, last fall through the mighty Slumberland Records, and yesterday, in advance of their upcoming American west coast tour, the poppy five-piece have just put out their new single, "Frank Infatuation". A big part of the Real Numbers charm is that they are able to take the best parts of DIY pop music from over the years and distill it into some really wonderfully constructed songs. All scrappy guitars and hard eighth note hi hats, "Frank Infatuation" showcases this all perfectly. Buoyed by a airy, and positively hooky, guitar line, an abundance of energy and, for good measure, a ton of "doo doo doos", the track sets the tone for the long time fan of the group as well as new listeners to get stoked about seeing these guys live and for the possibility of more brand new material. 

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