The Sylvia Platters debut "Faith Healer"

God bless The Sylvia Platters for even existing. It’s been nearly a decade since a rock album from a new band has come out that anyone beyond a fringe group of 38-year-old music dorks has cared about. I’m no accountant but putting this album out has to have been a financially inadvisable decision.

Starting a rock band out of Maple Ridge, BC in 2017 is like trying to become a blacksmith in the bourgeoisie part of town. The only reason to do it would be because you absolutely can’t imagine doing anything else. This may be the silver lining to rock’n’roll becoming irrelevant - the only people starting rock bands anymore are just doing it because they love the music. 

Thankfully these efforts have not been in vain. The Sylvia Platters’ have made an extremely listenable, shoegaze-y, fuzzy, album that will be right at home next to cuts by acts like The Jesus and Mary Chain, My Bloody Valentine, or even those Sunshine guys...

Listen to first single, "Faith Healer" now. 

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