TOBACCO Shares "Slaughtered by the Amway Guy"

The enigmatic TOBACCO is set to release Ripe And Majestic, an album of B sides and rarities, on August 25th and in lieu of that dropping has shared the electro damaged lead single “Slaughtered By The Amway Guy”. Not much is known about the producer and member of Black Moth Super Rainbow, but in all honesty not much is really needed to know. Thomas Fec has been putting out some wonderfully misshapen electronic music since 2008. Mainly using analogue synths and drum machines, TOBACCO’s back catalogue is full of the type of songs that you could lose your mind too on the dance floor or just casually slip away with while staring at the black light posters in your parents' basement. “Slaughtered By The Amway Guy” falls somewhere in line closer to the former. Kicking things off with some very heavy handed machine gun-esque drumming coupled with some airy synth bits, the whole thing expands with the presence of a dirty arpeggiator and a deliciously distorted bass line. Despite it’s inclusion in an Antipop Consortium remix from 2009, the track remains fresh and a ton of fun. “Slaughtered By The Amway Guy” may not read like a good time on paper but after a listen, all in all, it doesn’t seem like it would be a bad way to go.

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