Vancouver's Frankie Premiere "Burnshine" Video

Vancouver’s Frankie have been keeping very busy the last couple years. 2016 saw the four-piece traverse throughout the Lower Mainland, down through California and into Mexico, wowing crowds with their hook-laden songwriting and incredible vocal talent. This year they came home and cooped themselves up in Jacknife Sound Studios with local production phenom Jason Corbett to craft a brand new batch of songs but before those come out the band wants to share the video for their current single “Burnshine”.

The clip was shot last summer at the SFU campus in downtown Vancouver but you wouldn’t know it after watching. Director Perry Miotto places the band into an ethereal universe, spotlighting the song and the individual members in a crisp, beautiful black and white.  Before we are able to dig into Frankie’s new work check out the wonderful “Burnshine” video here.

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