Wire debuts new single "Diamond In Cups"

UK post punkers Wire are still kicking and today release “Diamond In Cups,” the second single off of their upcoming 15th studio album Silver/Lead. The album drops on March 31st, which happens to be the 40th (!!!) anniversary of the quartet's first live show. “Diamond In Cups” is less immediate than the work we’ve come to expect from the band but it’s done in a way that eschews nostalgia and gives us something that feels fairly fresh. I would imagine it’s tough to remain relevant after 40 years but there is nothing on display here to show that Wire are out trying to recapture any of their former glory.  Produced by guitarist Colin Newman, “Diamond In Cups” is an exercise in minimalism. The two guitars gently buzz off each other, the drums, rarely changing, float confidently underneath while the vocal melody sweetly ties it all together. It’s a convincing offering and one that should whet the appetites of Wire fans old and new.

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