LOST BOY. came about after Armin Tehrani, one of the owners of Vancouver’s Board of Trade Co., compiled all of his random drawings, doodles, and sketches over the years and changed them from his private collection into an earnest, seriously cute line of greeting cards. These cards are damn cute, and really are a wonderful way to show someone that they are special to you.

Erin Templeton x Urban Outfitters

This Vancouver bag designer has gone from a local favourite to a huge international collaboration with Urban Outfitters. Erin Templeton—known for designing and creating beautiful bags made from recycled leather and locally tanned hides in her Chinatown studio since 2007—unveiled her collaboration with Urban Outfitters last month.

Sophia Danai | Daytime Dreaming [EXCLUSIVE VIDEO PREMIERE]

With a new-found sense of empowerment as an independent artist, Sophia Danai is set to release her sophomore album entitled Love Royale. Heavily featuring Danai's strong production skills and powerful vocals, Love Royale is the result of the songstress spending the past few years travelling and collaborating with a variety of artists and producers. 

WEED | Running Back [ALBUM REVIEW]

Weed sound like that one young dude at the record store who knows everything and is wise beyond his years. I'm talking about the guy who, when you go to replace your used-through copy of Glass House, tells you about Billy's Ill-fated metal album so you can share a chuckle before gently steering you towards a Sleep album.

Capture Photography Festival 2015

The Capture Photography Festival, an annual celebration of photography and lens based art, returns to Vancouver for its second year. The festival features over 100 exhibitions, public art projects, and events designed to engage a diverse audience and increase awareness of the cultural importance of photography in all of its forms. 

Yung Lenox | Magic Markers

What were you doing before your age hit the double digits? Were you creating art? Probably. Were you garnering the attention of some of the biggest names in hip hop with your craft? Probably not. Well, a kid by the name of Yung Lenox is, and we talked to Alex Usow of Rhek Creative who's curating Yung Lenox's very first show outside of the U.S. of A. 

Mandy-Lyn x Altamont | Rock N’ Roll Suicides

Vancouver photographer Mandy-Lyn takes pictures of hot babes. Having always been interested in vintage Easy Rider and Playboy magazines, that old-school version of sexiness is prominent in her work.

WARHOL | A Different Idea of Love

On March 1st, Vancouver will be home to the largest collection of Andy Warhol prints and paintings in Canada. A rare opportunity to experience the master of the pop art movement, "WARHOL - A Different Idea of Love" will showcase coveted works by the late artist for a 30-day exhibit.


Believing that less is more and beauty is simplicity, Harlow Skin Co creates natural and organic body care products free of any GMO's, preservatives, and other unnecessary additives. Handcrafted in Vancouver, Harlow's line of skincare provides body butters, scrubs, whips, and elixirs that will nourish, repair and protect your skin, leaving it smooth and hydrated.


In anticipation of their forthcoming album Noontide, Vancouver's electronic duo Peter Ricq and Robbie Slade of HUMANS would like to invite you to an exclusive listening party and art show, offering guests the chance to preview Noontide days before its release. Peter will also be showcasing the artwork behind Noontide, which he created, and a limited amount of vinyls, shirts, goodies and prints will be available for purchase.


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