Neon Mfg.

Neon signs aren't just for storefronts anymore. Thanks to Dan Defilla and Rob Dow, creators of Neon Mfg., you can now have a neon statement for your room, office, or that man cave or boudoir you've been dreaming of. 

Tight Club | Pop-Up Studio

Tight Club is taking over thisopenspace for their first retail and fitness pop-up studio. From January 20-28th, Keighty Gallagher, Founder and the original tight babe and driving force behind Tight Club Athletics will be offering a bunch of different classes for those wanting to get tight. 

Susan Fiedler | East Van Cross Project

Designer and Social Entrepreneur Susan Fiedler has conceived a fundraising initiative called the East Van Cross Project to benefit Pivot Legal Society, a leading Canadian human rights organization that uses the law to address the root causes of poverty and social exclusion in Canada.


OK, so you've done the countdown, the new year has begun, but wait, you're out of snacks and everything is closed or you just don't want to leave the house/party/put pants on. What are you to do to satisfy those late-night munchies? Vancouver, you're in luck: SnackEasy is here to the rescue. Delivering snacks to your door from 6pm-2am nightly, SnackEasy has chips, drinks, icecream, cookies, chocolate, and candy for all your craving needs.

The Belle Game | Game Changing

The Belle Game are rising stars, not only in Canada, but around the world. Their debut album Ritual Tradition Habit has received praise from critics and fans since its release. Andrea Lo fills us in on the band's (ahem)... habits. 

Michael Brock | Free Style

Michael Brock stirs a golden mix of West Coast groove and effortless Euro swagger. Breaking ground in Vancouver, as a white R&B artist, he braves stages solo, while keeping a crisp and du jour repertoire. He likes to strip down to the essentials, focusing on lyrical layering and minimal production.

Grolsch Originals | The Belle Game

For the last installment of The Originals series for the year, Andrea Lo and Katrina Jones of the hypnotic dark pop group The Belle Game sit down to talk about pushing themselves musically, their idea of success, and the memorable advice they received from Broken Social Scene’s Kevin Drew. 

FOCUS | Megan-Magdalena Bourne

Megan-Magdalena Bourne—lover of voyeurism, pain, weapons, tattoos, and tits—is an artist and photographer hailing from Vancouver, BC. At the age of 14, she earned her stripes in the local music scene by photographing shows and touring with bands. For four years she worked for many publications under the name Meg Bourne, prior to taking a three-year hiatus. On a mission to inspire body and sex positivity, she has returned to photography using her full name.

COMPASS[ION] | Being Hungry Sucks

It’s simple—we are going hungry so those less fortunate don’t have to. The team at ION Magazine, Publisher Vanessa Leigh, Fashion Editor Deanna Palkowski, and Online Content Editor Natasha Neale are engaging in a 24-hour famine to promote awareness and raise funds for food security in the downtown east side (DTES) of Vancouver. 

Winsor Gallery | The Edition 2014

Winsor Gallery presents The Edition, a suite of artist multiples by painters Fiona Ackerman, Bradley Harms, and Gary Pearson along with photographers Bill Anderson and Brian Howell.


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