The Sylvia Platters debut "Faith Healer"

God bless The Sylvia Platters for even existing. It’s been nearly a decade since a rock album from a new band has come out that anyone beyond a fringe group of 38-year-old music dorks has cared about. I’m no accountant but putting this album out has to have been a financially inadvisable decision.

Music Profile | Feltworth

Feltworth think the kids are all right, but the power pop puppet band themselves are more than ready to grow up. Following a long run on the children's music circuit, the animal kingdom quartet of brother bunnies Dezi and Manny Feltworth, ivory-tickling tabby Morris Katzenburd, and percussive primate Cozy Balboa have just issued their first 7-inch single made for an older audience. Manny's A-Side, "Forget This Feeling", is an English glam slam that has more in common with Roxy-period Brian Eno than it does Elmo.

Review: Saint Etienne - Home Counties

The 90s are back, which means the 70s are back. Just look at chokers. Jane Seymour used to make everyone salivate by sporting the neckwear, and then the 90s got obsessed with the 70s (or perhaps just Laura Prepon in a tight turtleneck), and using the every-other-decade rule that was proposed in Dazed and Confused (not coincidentally a 90s film about the 70s) our current decade is going to be stylistically influenced by the 90s, and of course the 70s. I notice this every time I am in a nightclub and am surrounded by chokers...

Music Profile | Sam Coffey & The Iron Lungs

Gearing up for his first major cross country tour promoting a brand new record you’d think Sam Coffey has come a long way from his small Southern Ontario town roots. With his band The Iron Lungs, Sam has grown as a songwriter and a musician but talking to him the charm and excitement of being a small town music fan hasn’t dulled slightly. Leaving home at 18, after playing with a band, as a solo artist as well as working as a mechanic’s assistant, Sam hightailed it out of Kitchener to the big city of Toronto to try and capture his rock 'n' roll dreams.

Sam Tudor/Lucas Hrubizna – A “Truthful” Collaboration

From the opening moments of the Lucas Hrubizna directed video for Sam E. Tudor’s newest single “Truthful,” the viewer is struck by a simmering sense of dread. The feeling of waiting for the other shoe to drop while watching a man aggressively do some yard work is overwhelming.

Music Profile | So Loki

So Loki knows there's strength in specificity. Just like how Drake anchored his Toronto experience by name-dropping the TTC Metro, Fort York apartment complexes, and the fine Italian cuisine at Sotto Sotto, the  Vancouver hip-hop duo's latest EP, Baggage, is packed with plenty of 604-specific wordplay. Possessed by producer Geoffrey "Natura" Millar's extra thicc snap beat and manically poked faux-xylophone sounds, the collection's "Ratchet Demons" has vocalist Sam Lucia giving a shout-out to city in-joke/hang out spot Dude Chilling Park.

DOUSE Premiere New Video

Vancouver-based Douse just returned from a ten-day jaunt throughout Western Canada and at the tail end of it paid a visit to the Calgary HQ of IMVERYAPE to shoot this wonderful live version of “The Importance Of Each Other” off of their delightfully brooding debut The Light In You Has Left.

Real Estate Share New Video

New Jersey’s Real Estate released their latest album In Mind in March and yesterday they shared the delightful new video for the track “Stained Glass”. Director Craig Allen renders the band as if part of a colouring book as they wander towards the camera, shuffling along to the laid back, chiming tune. It’s a whimsical clip, undoubtedly Yellow Submarine-esque, that perfectly fits in line with the bands throwback aesthetic.

East Side Live Show preview - Vancouver

This Sunday, May 21st, East Vancouver’s renowned The Cultch embarks on a new mission to provide a locale for local musicians to perform in a one-of-a-kind setting.

Nothing is Fine: Papa Roach Return with Crooked Teeth

“Cut my life into pieces, this is my last resort.” You know the drill. We all do. In fact, if you played the role of frustrated suburban teen pre-9/11, then Papa Roach was probably your jam. Everyone needs a voice, that’s only fair. But while you grew up, their music sure didn’t. Papa Roach are back with the release of Crooked Teeth, their ninth studio album, and judging from the cover art, which depicts an anguished white male teenager, their target demographic hasn’t changed over the years.


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