Review: Goldfrapp's New Album "Silver Eye"

Goldfrapp have returned with their seventh (my money would've been on fourth, max) album Silver Eye and I'm pleased to admit that it's quite good. I haven't thought about this lovely synth-dance-pop-fashion show outfit since hair products (it might have been mascara) were being sold to the sounds of "Strict Machine" (which is still a killer track, btw).

Punk's Captain Sensible Plays the Rap Game - "Wot"

When the hard driving rock you know and love appears increasingly under threat from the strange rhythms of rap and hip hop, what’s a white punk to do? Sure, you could stick to your guns and churn out another safety pin-friendly punk classic, but why not live a little and see what all the fuss is about? By the early 1980s, it’s not like punk was the freshest sound on the block (it may not have been dead, but it sure smelled that way). After all, if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em, right?

NOTHING shares new song "Spell"

As a part of Bandcamp’s amazing “Our First 100 Days” series, Philadelphia’s Nothing have released the track “Spell”. For the first 100 Days of He Who Must Not Be Named’s presidential administration, 100 different bands are putting out a new song every day, which can be streamed directly from their Bandcamp pages or all purchased for a $30 dollar minimum from Bandcamp, with the proceeds going to benefit various worthwhile causes.

Erasure Share New Single, "Love You To The Sky"

How can you be mean to a band like Erasure. They’re legends! Chains of Love… A Little Respect… and apparently they never stopped writing music? I think it’s important that we are all nice to these guys. Please correct me in the comment section if they have a shady record after so many years and don’t deserve the courtesy… I haven’t been keeping up.

Jens Lekman Shares Video For "How We Met, The Long Version"

Sweden’s pop music troubadour Jens Lekman has released the video for “How We Met, The Long Version” today off of his stellar new album Life Will See You Now. The clip features Lekman in all his blazered glory strumming his guitar while standing in front of a galaxy of stars.

Song of the Day | Chastity Belt "Different Now"

Today Walla Walla Washington’s Chastity Belt offer up their brand new single, “Different Now” ahead of the June 2nd release of their third album, and second for Hardly Art, I Used To Spend So Much Time Alone.  All breezy, shimmering guitar over a languidly jaunty rhythm, “Different Now” isn’t so much of a departure from what we’ve come to expect from the four piece but it acts as a definitive statement that the band have mastered the tools they have been working with since the independent release of their debut album No Regrets in 2013.

Music Profile | Tei Shi

Tei Shi, the Brooklyn-based pop adventurist otherwise known as Valerie Teicher, has just returned from a quick trip overseas when ION catches her on the phone.

Music Profile | Tim Darcy

Tim Darcy’s brooding melodic journey through his new solo album Saturday Night brings you into close and intimate quarters with him; he takes you there with him, to the crevices of his consciousness. A bit of a departure from the heavier post-punk sound of his band Ought, who have been an important part of the indie scene since 2012. Darcy’s solo album seems to take more of a structured route different to the noise of Ought, but still remaining true to the unique sound within.

Riots for Road Rage: Quiet Riot’s “The Seeker”

The open road. For almost all aging rockers, the very concept is synonymous with freedom and vitality, the kind of place where the soul can heal following a tragedy and return from the abyss with renewed strength and, with any luck, maybe even the creative spark needed to produce a late period masterpiece like the Monkees’ Pool It! or the Beach Boys’ Still Cruisin’ (wait, these are terrible).


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