Review: Erasure - World Be Gone

I’d wager most North Americans stopped listening to Erasure after ABBA-esque, and that was a mistake. Andy Bell’s been churning out music since Erasure made their first homosexual twirl to Sometimes in ’86 and on World Be Gone, he’s got something to say. 

Ballantynes' Debut New "Misery" Live Video

Vancouver’s The Ballantynes are known for their combustible live performances. They’ve proven that they have been able to translate this fire to all the 7 inches, EPs and their stellar full length album Dark Drives, Life Signs, but to see them in a live setting is a kin to what it must’ve been like seeing the birth of rock 'n' roll. The playing is raw and electric, the personalities are big, and above all else, every single soul in the room can’t stop dancing.

Harry Styles Shares New Track "Sweet Creature"

One Direction has been on hiatus now since last January and the race to be the Timberlake-esque breakout star of the group continues today with the release of Harry Styles' new single “Sweet Creature”.  Styles' self-titled solo debut drops May 12th and between this new track, his appearance on SNL and an upcoming week-long residency on the Late Late Show with James Corden (which should push the limits of anyone’s patience), Harry is doing his damndest t

More Beach, More Problems: The Beach Boys’ “Problem Child”

During the salad days of youth, almost nothing can top a carefree day at the beach. But as the taut allure of youth gives way to the wrinkles and sags of middle age, those trips to the beach may start to feel a little predatory from an outsider’s perspective. For the Beach Boys, those 60s rock icons who built an entire career around an idyllic vision of glistening white bodies lounging on America’s sandy shores, getting older meant jacking up the nostalgia factor, especially when the songwriting went sideways and the hits became fewer and far between.

HAIM Debut "Right Now" Video

With a week’s worth of Twitter videos and Instagram stories behind us, HAIM yesterday morning finally released the thing they’ve been teasing us with, another teaser. For those hoping a brand new album would drop or at the very least a new single were instead treated to a lovingly made live video of the LA-based sisters in the recording studio performing a version of their new song “Right Now”.

Father John Misty: New "Total Entertainment Forever" Video

For months leading up the release of the latest Father John Misty album Pure Comedy, we’ve been barraged by moments that scream “Peak Misty”.

Vancouver's Frankie Premiere "Burnshine" Video

Vancouver’s Frankie have been keeping very busy the last couple years. 2016 saw the four-piece traverse throughout the Lower Mainland, down through California and into Mexico, wowing crowds with their hook-laden songwriting and incredible vocal talent. This year they came home and cooped themselves up in Jacknife Sound Studios with local production phenom Jason Corbett to craft a brand new batch of songs but before those come out the band wants to share the video for their current single “Burnshine”.

Beach Fossils Share New Song

The Our First One Hundred Days project has been rolling along quite nicely leaving in its wake a bunch of money raised for some very worthwhile charities and a ton of great music from some of the best bands and artists working these days.  Brooklyn’s Beach Fossils today contribute track 95 out of 100 with the gentle but spirited “Silver Tongue”.  All chiming guitars and rolling bass lines, “Silver Tongue” traipses charmingly around its hazy vocal melody while some very compassionate drumming tethers the affair down to the earth just anchori

HAIM Teases New Material

Have you ever had a moment like this? You’re waiting for a bus, grabbing your morning coffee or even at the Laundromat and, BOOM, you look up and see something that you know will intrinsically change your life forever. Your heart starts to beat faster, your eyes grow wider and those wonderful little butterflies start flip flapping around in your stomach.  You stand up, stare and start walking as if a dolly is slowly pulling you toward your destination. The beat of your heart telegraphing your every movement like a drum beat powerful yet restrained.

Listen to The Afghan Whigs “Arabian Heights,” from new album

Cincinnati Ohio’s favourite noir-rockers, The Afghan Whigs, have returned with a new album, In Spades out May 5th on Sub Pop Records, and today they’ve shared the latest single “Arabian Heights”.


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