Edison’s Medicine: The Idiot’s Guide to Nikola Tesla

How many metalheads does it take to change a lightbulb? That depends. Alternating or direct current, bro? Actually, let’s just sit in the dark. After all, it means we’re boycotting that scab Thomas Edison, who stole Nikola Tesla’s ideas and was basically an all-around dick. What could be more metal than that? Well, how about a long-winded song about electricity’s greatest rivalry from a band whose name immediately confirms their own bias? Tight, bro. Tight. 

Finally, a New Jesus and Mary Chain Song and It Isn't Dreadful

After 18 years The Jesus And Mary Chain have announced they will be releasing their new album, Damage And Joy, in 2017. To tide us over until it drops next year the Reid brothers have debuted that album’s first single, “Amputation”. Since their reunion in 2007 JAMC have been teasing new material and other than a one off, “All Things Must Pass” in 2008, this is the first taste of what they have been working on and I am delighted to say it’s nice to have them back.

Apollo Up! releases "Walking The Plank"

It’s been ten years since Nashville’s Apollo Up! released the post hardcore blowout Chariots Of Fire and that amount of time felt right for Yewknee Records to announce that the album will be getting a special vinyl release to commemorate.  Featuring a sparkling new mastering job by John Baldwin (Public Image Ltd, Jesus Lizard), the lead single and album opener “Walking The Plank”, sounds as angry and vital as it did a decade ago.

Music Profile | The Posterz' Joey Sherret

Joey Sherret is one of three members of the Montreal based hip-hop group The Posterz, who’ve persistently released music in the past three years with EP’s in 2014 (Starships and Dark Tints), 2015 (Junga), and their brand new Bored in Canada released in 2016.

Album review: Slowmotions - The Domes

Slowmotions is the project of singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Andrew Brassell. After forming the band in Nashville and releasing the first Slowmotions album Quick Potions in 2009, Brassell left Music City for the sprawl of Los Angeles. His new album The Domes is the direct consequence of that move.

HEALTH release new video for "L.A. Looks"

HEALTH have just released a new video for "L.A. Looks" from their 2015 album Death Magic.

Theophilus London collabs with Ariel Pink on New Track

The new Theophilus London/Ariel Pink track “Revenge” just dropped via Fools Gold and has immediately made the world seem a little bit brighter. All bop and bounce and filled with one of the hookiest vocal melodies that I’ve heard recently, “Revenge” capitalizes on the strengths of both of its notorious collaborators. The song kicks off with a strong four on the floor kick drum that is complimented with a bass line that is so dug into the groove it’s practically buried up to it’s knees.

Another Day, Another Sumwich: Remembering the Denny’s Rock Star Menu

If you can’t be a rock star, at least you at eat like one, right? In 2008, Denny’s, America’s monument to chronic insomnia and poor eating habits, unveiled the Rock Star Menu, a feast for the senses honouring that celebrated synergy between music and food, particularly during the wee hours of the night when the show’s over and we’ve got nothing to eat but our feelings and maybe a Moons Over My Hammy.

Video of the Day | Peter Peter "Bien réel"

Peter Peter's new video for "Bien Réel" is initially underwhelming, but evolves quickly to match the energy of the second single from "Noire Eden."

Directed by Bertrand Touchard, the video relies heavily on the Droste effect - or "mise en abyme" for you art kids/Quebecers - but the multiple exposure shots make this a must watch, but maybe with the audio off. As beautiful as the song is, I can't help but feel like I'm listening to Thom Yorke sing in French. 

Pissed Jeans - "The Bar Is Low"

Sub Pop’s mighty Pissed Jeans are back. The first single, “The Bar Is Low”, from their upcoming album Why Love Now dropped today and it’s perfectly as angry, sarcastic and scathing a song as you would expect from the Philadelphia-based post hardcore purveyors.  All grinding bass and authoritative riffs, “The Bar Is Low” is an indictment of today’s male and how often so many of the men that we look up to end up being revealed as awful people.


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