Seaborne's New Record Shows Their Deepest Influences

In a post noir-n-b landscape, a more gentle and genuine sound has taken its place. Gone is the cynicism and cold mornings of bleak after hours venues, replaced by more depth permeating the contemporary musical panorama. Seaborne's two members, Maryse Bernard and Solomon Krause-Imlach are spearheading this bright sound in Canada with a take on modern electronic music that, although does not stray far from the more cinematic side of pop, takes adventures in production efforts, which never have been heard before.

The Tourist Company Premiere Video for "Apollo"

Vancouver's bright and poppy The Tourist Company have been flying high off last year's release of their debut album and today the band deliver the video for their new single and album namesake Apollo. "Apollo", while a lovely produced track that floats over top an introspective synth line and anchored by a danceable beat, the clip highlights the dualistic nature and darker side of the band.

Black Lips Release New Sean Lennon-Produced Single

Yesterday Atlanta’s favorite garage rockers The Black Lips released “Squatting In Heaven,” the new single off of their upcoming album Satan’s Graffiti or God’s Art ahead of its release May 5th via Vice Records.

In Love with a Stripper: Warrant Return with “Devil Dancer”

In the pantheon of rock subtlety, Warrant don’t exactly make the grade. The glam metal band responsible for “Cherry Pie”, a grown man’s preschool-level homage to female anatomy, is back with a bang, or perhaps multiple bangs in the same day if you’re feeling ambitious, as rockaholics the world over prepare themselves for the May release of Louder Harder Faster, the follow-up to 2011’s aptly-named Rockaholic.

Melody's Echo Chamber - Cross My Heart

Melody Prochet fans will often admit they discovered the French songstress through Kevin Parker of Tame Impala. Parker produced Prochet’s band’s eponymous debut album in 2012, infusing the tracks with his well-known psychedelic influence.  News of a new record by Melody’s Echo Chamber titled Bon Voyage (coming out this Spring) has been the subject of nervous reception due to Parker no longer working with the band. Apprehension is understandable—we have every right to contextualize music by understanding an artist’s past work and affiliations.

Louise Burns Shares "Who's The Madman" Video

Louise Burns has been crafting wonderfully moody pop songs for a while now but with her latest album Young Mopes, Burns seems to have tapped into a je ne sais quoi quality that has resulted in some of her strongest work to date. This is also extremely evident in the pair of videos she’s released for the first two singles off the record.

Video of the Day | Dude York "Tonight"

Who doesn't love a good mall? The place where all your teenage dreams came true or went up in flames. You can by a good pair of pants or just enjoy an Orange Julius and watch the world walk by. As you can see in their new video for the song "Tonight", Seattle's Dude York clearly loves a mall. Apart from being one of the many highlights off of their new album Sincerely, the video for "Tonight" is a great way to have a solid hang with the exuberant three piece.

Review: Goldfrapp's New Album "Silver Eye"

Goldfrapp have returned with their seventh (my money would've been on fourth, max) album Silver Eye and I'm pleased to admit that it's quite good. I haven't thought about this lovely synth-dance-pop-fashion show outfit since hair products (it might have been mascara) were being sold to the sounds of "Strict Machine" (which is still a killer track, btw).

Punk's Captain Sensible Plays the Rap Game - "Wot"

When the hard driving rock you know and love appears increasingly under threat from the strange rhythms of rap and hip hop, what’s a white punk to do? Sure, you could stick to your guns and churn out another safety pin-friendly punk classic, but why not live a little and see what all the fuss is about? By the early 1980s, it’s not like punk was the freshest sound on the block (it may not have been dead, but it sure smelled that way). After all, if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em, right?


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