Pat Lok Releases Full Length on Kitsune

Pat Lok is the only Canadian artist signed to Kitsuné Records, part of the Kitsuné Maison brand. They have an incredible reputation amongst both casual fans and DJs. Any time over the past decade they have come out with a new comp, every DJ in town has rushed to buy the record store out. Pat is also the newest signing to Pete Tong’s new publishing company, PTSongs. He has decided to forgo continuing making hit singles in favour of a full length, titled Hold On Let Go. 

HAIM Debut "Little Of Your Love"

Haim is carefully steering their new album, Something To Tell You, towards the masses on July 7th and after their quite fun looking pop up shop this weekend in LA the sisters have decided to drop their brand new single, “Little Of Your Love”. The 50’s indebted song is an infectious earworm. Kicking off with baritone sax hits over a boppy piano riff, the track highlights the strong songwriting that Haim has become known for.

Woke In The USA: Jackson Browne's Political Awakening

Jackson Browne has a lot to answer for. Not for his own music, which has remained pretty solid over a remarkable career that began in 1966 during a stint with country rockers the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, but for his perverted alliance with the Eagles, America’s icons of woe and decay, who he almost single-handedly quarterbacked to stardom by connecting them with David Geffen and their first record deal at Asylum.

Ride Premiere New Video

Today the UK’s Ride releases, Weather Diaries, their first record in twenty years and as a little extra surprise they have also put out the Jade Mortimer directed video for their latest single “All I Want”. Following an intense British fellow who is running exhaustively and interspersed with clips of the band performing the track, director Mortimer explains that she wanted the video to have a simple but effective concept. “I came up with a simple idea of this character on this journey.

Music Profile | Needles//Pins

It's a sleepy afternoon in Vancouver when ION sits down with Needles//Pins guitarist-vocalist Adam Solomonian to discuss Good Night, Tomorrow, his band's third full-length recording. As the mid-spring sun pours down on a coffee shop's wood-and-concrete patio, a butterfly gently lands on the punk rocker's shoulder to get an earful of conversation. "Is that a good luck thing?" the musician wonders before the cream-winged eavesdropper flutters off towards its next stop.

The Pains of Being Pure at Heart share new single

New York’s The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart have their new album, The Echo Of Pleasure, coming out on September 1st and today in advance of that have dropped that record’s second, hyper-colored single “When I Dance With You”.  The infectious 80’s-inspired song was written by Pains frontman Kip Berman for his wife, Cecily.

Mogwai Debut "Coolverine" Video

Post rock will never and should never die. Not only is it pretty much going to be the sound of the planet after she is devoid of all human life, but in present day, it is the soundtrack to everything cinematic. Editors notoriously cut to the paces of Explosions in the Sky before they add in whatever off-brand versions of that band they have licensed for the film or programme. 

The King is Dead: David Peel & Death’s “King of Punk”

The recently departed David Peel was a shining beacon of vice and decadence during the halcyon days of hippiedom in the 1960s. While anti-war protests and the Civil Rights Movement woke conservative America from its dogmatic slumber, Peel was busy singing the praises of marijuana and getting stoned, releasing the aptly-titled album Have a Marijuana in 1968, backed by the underground hit “I Like Marijuana”. What can I say? The guy really loved his marijuana.

The Sylvia Platters debut "Faith Healer"

God bless The Sylvia Platters for even existing. It’s been nearly a decade since a rock album from a new band has come out that anyone beyond a fringe group of 38-year-old music dorks has cared about. I’m no accountant but putting this album out has to have been a financially inadvisable decision.

Music Profile | Feltworth

Feltworth think the kids are all right, but the power pop puppet band themselves are more than ready to grow up. Following a long run on the children's music circuit, the animal kingdom quartet of brother bunnies Dezi and Manny Feltworth, ivory-tickling tabby Morris Katzenburd, and percussive primate Cozy Balboa have just issued their first 7-inch single made for an older audience. Manny's A-Side, "Forget This Feeling", is an English glam slam that has more in common with Roxy-period Brian Eno than it does Elmo.


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