Searching For Sugar Man | Documentary

Searching for Sugar Man tells the incredible true story of Rodriguez, the greatest '70s rock icon who disappeared, but who's bootlegged music became the anthem for apartheid South Africa for two decades. The film follows the story of two South African fans who set out to find out what really happened to the singer, and their investigation leads them to a story more extraordinary than any of the rumours.

Win a pass to the opening of FNC-hotel included

What is FNC? The Festival du nouveau cinéma is about a spirit: the spirit of good company, revelry and fun. Every edition is a chance to get together and celebrate a shared passion for film around each new lineup. The eleven-day Festival is designed as a space devoted to discussions, meetings and sharing, where film fans come together with artists and professionals to exchange ideas in an informal setting.

The Epic & The Beasts | slo-mo skateboading video

The Epic & The Beasts is one of the coolest skateboarding videos we have seen to date. Shot in slow motion, this incredibly well done short film takes the regular skate video to a whole new artistic level. Directed and edited by Sebastian Linda, the video features skateboarders Tom Kleinschmidt, Richard Naumertat, Erik Grob, Octavio Trindade, David Raderecht, as well the filmmaker, Sebastian Linda.