Bruce Springsteen’s Spirited Autobiography "Born To Run"

Bruce Springsteen easily ranks among rock’s premier storytellers, lauded for his ability to weave a rich tapestry by populating his songs with characters plucked from the American experience. In fact, he’s become so highly regarded as a songwriter that it’s often difficult to separate the man, Bruce Springsteen, from his mythic status as THE BOSS, the blue-collar rock and roll hero who commands the stage every night and whose body is but a vessel for channeling the immortal spirit of the AMERICAN HEARTLAND.

A Good Book Drive will make you feel warm & fuzzy

Think back to some of your favorite books when you were a kid and how amazing you thought they were (and still are). A Good Book Drive is an annual book drive that aims to inspire people from Vancouver, Brooklyn, Toronto and Calgary to pick up a new copy of an old favorite so that a new generation of kids can have the experience too. There's less than a week left! For a list of the drop-off locations, check out their website here


Here's some inspiration.


Schitt's Creek's Annie Murphy

Hello Kitty, Hello 40

Would you believe me if I said my kitchen was Hello Kitty themed? Well, it's true. At least it used to be. The cupboards were baby pink, there were Hello Kitty decals on the microwave, stove and fridge and all my cookware was pink to match. It all stemmed from receiving a Hello Kitty toaster as a gift and then it went to Hello Kitty dreamland (or hell to some) from there.


Legendary American music photographer Baron Wolman’s black and white photos of Woodstock are published in Woodstock for the first time ever. With the majority of images never seen before, they not only capture the infamous atmosphere like no other, but the book also features interviews with Wolman, Woodstock creator, Michael Lang, as well as a forward by Carlos Santana.

Slam Kicks

We’ve always loved our comfortable and good-looking kicks. If you have a penchant for sneakers like we do, and you're a self-proclaimed sneakerhead with an eye for design—new and classics—as well as the culture and history surrounding this global industry, Slam Kicks is for you. It takes this particular shoe-appreciation to a new level. Published by Rizzoli, and compiled by Slam Magazine editor-in-chief Ben Osborne, Slam Kicks is a visual history of basketball shoes and their designs and influences, on and off the court.

Deniz Merdano | +90

Moving to a culturally foreign land is something a lot of people can relate to, as is the worry that by doing so, we will somehow lose touch with our “former” selves. With that concern at the forefront of his mind, and in celebration of Turkey’s ninetieth year as a Democratic Republic, Turkish-Canadian, Deniz Merdano, created his book +90, a striking collection of photographs taken in Istanbul and the village of Babakale, during his first visit to Turkey after arriving in Vancouver four-years prior.

Mario Casilli

Greed was good, glamour was ubiquitous and the Bee Gees were being photographed in sleeveless leather. Commonly known as the decade that style forgot, we beg to differ, and love this salute to the eighties as the era of decadence, excess and overuse of soft focus photography. Mario Casilli is a book that collates the best images of the namesake, timely photographer, who captured the beautiful people of the era and helped define the height of 1980s pop culture.

Wild Art

Wild Art is, quite frankly, right up our alley. Titled after a term that coins the vast array of art independent from the traditional confines of the gallery system and their establishment walls, this Phaidon published book explores everything outside the exclusive art world.


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