Profile | Walter Martin

There are plenty of recurring themes threaded into Walter Martin’s fifth full-length, The World at Night. Given its title, the record naturally has a nocturnal motif, but home decor pops up a couple of times, too.  On “Little Summer Fly”, for instance, an acoustic guitar melody is accompanied by a shortlist of the singer-songwriter’s favourite things, including a gilded picture frame.

Squirrel Flower

The opening lines of Squirrel Flower’s “I-80” find songwriter Ella O’Connor Williams unsure of her drive, relaying over a lithe, detuned acoustic strum, “lyrics failed me, so I gave up poetry and ran west on I-80”. It’s worth noting, however, that this exists as the opening track from sophomore collection I Was Born Swimming—Squirrel Flower’s first for iconic indie hub Polyvinyl Records. In actuality, Williams’ songbook is overflowing, with the artist explaining in a call with ION that demos are currently pouring out of her in the lead-up to a European tour.

Wild Nothing Release New Single

The January blahs are a real thing. The new year starts and with the holidays behind us there doesn’t seem like a lot to look forward too except hibernating in your home, waiting out the dreary weather. Cue Jack Tatum AKA Wild Nothing to soundtrack your winter sleep. The Richmond, Virginia based purveyor of dream pop has just announced his follow up EP, Laughing Gas, to last years magnificent full length Indigo and it promises to be the perfect compliment to the doldrums of the year.


No matter what you are into or where you live, there’s always a certain pressure to find where you fit in. In this tough musical climate this is especially true. For sisters Eboshi and Contra, who are also bandmates in Cartel Madras, this was the case. Born in Chennai in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu and raised in Calgary, Alberta, the sisters discovered a shared love of hip hop and, through this love, found their places and how they are able to fit into them.

Matt Sharp and the Rentals Share First Single from New Records

There is something to be said, even after all these years, that the best part of Weezer's seminal first and second records was the presence of then bass player and vocalist Matt Sharp. When Sharp left the band after the recording of Pinkerton, the band lost some of that uniqueness he brought to the proceedings. Shortly after his departure, Sharp released a little record called The Return Of The Rentals.

HAIM Release Video for "Hallelujah"

Haim have been crafting some of the more wonderful and diverse pop music of the last few years. They’ve jumped from shuffle-ly dance pop to Lauren Canyon flower children folk to 90s style alt rock, and sometimes within the same song. Alana, Este and Danielle Haim each represent one piece of a perfect triangle, each bringing something unique to the band that defines it as a whole. You can’t really pinpoint exactly what Haim is musically so the best option to use as a descriptor is often family. Their new single, “Hallelujah,” is about this.