Byinabe: Alexis Mini Shopper

Where are you going to put your stuff when you have to go to class or a fancy business meeting? The answer lies with Toronto-based design house Byinabe. This is their Alexis Mini Shopper. It takes any outfit from trashy to sassy to classy. Made to order, this bag is more than a bag because it can fit the two most important things you need for class or that fancy business meeting: your laptop and snacks.




Dolorous Jewelry: Brass Chain Fringe Mini Skirt

So, you have a skirt. Cool. Good for you. Look at your skirt closely. Put it on. Do a twirl. Dance. But then focus on the skirt again. It’s definitely missing something and that something is the Brass Chain Fringe Mini Skirt from Dolorous Jewelry. You could probably wear this gorgeous piece over leggings or shorts if you wanted to. This item is such a beautiful accessory that you’re going to wonder how you ever lived life without it.



Frère du Nord: Grey Basketball Shorts

Everyone needs a decent pair of basketball shorts. Not because you’re going to be the next Andrew Wiggins but because basketball shorts are comfortable AF. Look, there can be only one Andrew Wiggins and it’s probably not you. Unless you are Andrew Wiggins then holy crap!, good for you for being Andrew Wiggins. Back to these Frère du Nord shorts. They’re cut and sewn in Oshawa and can be worn by anyone. Especially Andrew Wiggins.




Odeyalo: Venice Jumpsuit

Odeyalo is a Montreal-based clothing company known for comfort wear that you can dress up. Look at this friggin’ jumpsuit. Gorgeous, right? Doesn’t it make you want to throw it on with a gold and white pair of Adidas Stan Smith’s and a Calvin Klein bralette (any colour works) and hit up a brunch spot with your bestie? Don’t you just want to wear this jumpsuit everywhere and never take it off? Ugh. It hurts not to.




Arc Jewellery: Theorem Bracelet

Made of sterling silver with 14K gold plated brass and a satin matte finish, this is the bracelet to get. It’s one of those pieces that you can wear with anything. Get it in gold then get it again in silver because you are going to wearing the crap out of this thing. You’ll wear it so much it’ll become a part of you like a mole or herpes. FYI – all of Arc Jewellery’s stuff is hand crafted in Montreal which makes it the best ever.




Andrew Coimbra: Neoprene Joggers

Toronto-based designer Andrew Coimbra is the real deal. This guy knows how to design clothes real good. Like, really good. These Neoprene Joggers are the perfect example of his design prowess. They’re comfy but stylish. They’re classy yet cool. And you know they’re going to look good on you. For instance, they have an elastic waistband so should you find yourself hungover at an all-you-can-eat buffet, you can go nuts. How can you go wrong? You can’t go wrong.

Amanda Maria: Wide Leg Romper

There are rompers and then there’s this gem from Amanda Maria. Holy cow. This thing is magical. Marvel at its beauty then buy it because it’s a wardrobe game changer. Sure, when you start wearing this romper strangers will come up to you and ask where you got it which’ll get annoying after a while but, you’ll look amazing. Also, this romper is made in Canada letting you support our country’s economy. It’s a win/win.




Pola Thomson: Dynamic Skirt

How gorgeous is this white denim skirt? You just want to spend the day Instagramming the crap out of it because it’s so dang pretty. Manufactured sustainably with eco-productive materials, this skirt will be the hottest thing in your wardrobe by a kilometre. Pair it with sandals, sneaks or that new pair of espadrilles you got at the end of last summer because they were on sale but haven’t had the chance to wear yet.