Baggu: Drawstring Purse in Palm

Palm is a good name for a colour. It’s vague enough that you don’t know if it’s referring to a palm tree or the palm of someone’s hand. There’s an air of mystery, making this bag a must-have. Anyway, this purse is more than just a nice colour with mysterious origins. It has a drawstring, which takes it one notch above your traditional bucket bag and you should always buck tradition. Buck it hard.




Boutique Unicorn: Eve Gravel Minimalism Rose

Le crop top is still in le style. For some reason. It won’t go away. But hey, if people are wearing them and designers like Eve Gravel and shops like Boutique Unicorn are making and stocking them, you should definitely wear one. No judgment here. Eve Gravel is a Montreal-based designer and Boutique Unicorn is also found in Montreal. So, you get double Mount Real goodness out of one crop top.




Fy: Rosa Pietsch’s Gold Mini Resin Triangle Necklace

Necklaces will never go out of style. Ever. This beauty from Rosa Pietsch is made of hand-cast resin with a floating copper leaf. It’s also laser-cut acrylic with a finished wood pendant which probably means something if you’re a jeweler or someone who works with wood. For those of us who don’t make jewels and whatnot, this necklace just looks nice and it doesn’t matter what it’s made of.

Olivia + Joy: Annella Crescent Shoulder Bag

You can never have too many bags. Somebody, not naming names, has an entire closet full of purses, crossbody bags, satchels, clutches, messenger bags etc. because you never know when you’ll need one. “A bag for every outfit!”, that person says. Still not naming names. To complete your next outfit try Olivia + Joy’s Annella Crescent Shoulder Bag. It’s perfect for all occasions and that person, no name naming, will approve of your bag choice.



Kit and Ace: Suits You Stretch Trouser

Vancouver’s Kit and Ace are trying to create athletic wear that doesn’t look like athletic wear. They’re making clothes that breathe and stretch without looking like they breathe and stretch. They’re crafting garments for work, play and whatever you do when you’re not working or playing. With the Suits You Stretch Trouser, you get a pair of pants that not only look awesome, you could probably run a marathon in them. But don’t do that.

Adidas: Women’s Long Dress

The thing about Adidas is that they don’t mess around. They could’ve given this item a witty name but they choose to call it what it is, a long dress. Sometimes you want your clothes to have fun, clever names and sometimes you want them to be called exactly what they are. For when you’re like, “Give me a dress that doesn’t have a fun name!” get this number from Adidas. Women’s Long Dress.  Three words. Simple. Elegant. Rad AF.