Armed: Holiday Carla Earrings

The right earrings can make or break a look. To make any look, try the Holiday Carla earrings from Armed. Made from gold vermeil which sounds like the name of a gentlemen’s club that could’ve been found in Montreal in 1978, these earrings are the perfect addition to any ensemble. They kind of look like the little dipper or the letter Y. Whatever they’re supposed to be, these earrings need to be on your ears right now.

La Quaintrelle: Coup De Foudre Sweater

Sometimes you don’t want to dress up for brunch. Maybe you had a few too many dirty martinis the night before and couldn’t be arsed to put together an outfit. It’s just brunch, not the Kennedy Center Honors. It’s not like you’re getting an award for your humanitarian work. For occasions when you just want to roll out of bed and go eat a big plate of eggs benny, there’s the Coup De Foudre Sweater from Nova Scotia boutique La Quaintrelle.


Oak + Fort: FG9 Dress

Office holiday party coming up? You need something dope to wear that will make everyone you work with be all like, “Whoa. You’re like really pretty.” With the FG9 dress from Canada’s own Oak + Fort, you get the comfort and class of velvet. Plus, you can pair it with sneakers if your holiday party is a bar or heels if it’s at a fancy establishment. Or, if the party’s in the breakroom then it’s your call.



UNTTLD: Cordoba Lace Top

Lace is leather’s quiet cousin. Lace is coy. Lace is refined. Lace says, “Hi, I’m lace and I’m classy”. Lace is nice but lace is also naughty. What’s your lace situation? Do you have enough lace in your wardrobe? Canadian-made and absolutely gorgeous, put the Cordoba Lace top from UNTTLD on your holiday wish list and hopefully someone loves you enough to buy it for you. Or at least give you money to buy it for yourself.

Rad Hourani: Unisex Tuxedo Pants

How many times have you been over at your buddy’s house and wanted to borrow a pair of their pants but couldn’t because the pants in question where “for men” or “for women”? Sharing clothes with your pals is easy now that designer Rad Hourani is taking the Canadian fashion market by storm. Made in Canada, these Unisex Tuxedo Pants can be worn by both men and women because gender norms? Who needs ‘em? Check them out here


La Petite Garçonne: Rowde Réglisse

Montreal’s La Petite Garçonne, an offshoot of Boutique 1861 (everyone’s favourite online store) has this shirt. It’s called the Rowde Réglisse and you should be wearing it right now. This is more than a shirt. Just kidding. It’s just a shirt but it’s really pretty and will pair well with jeans. You can do that half tuck thing that says, “I’m fun but I’m also business”, or let it fall. It doesn’t matter how you wear it because it’ll look great.

Cupcakes & Cashmere: Felicity Faux Suede Shift Dress

What’s your suede situation? Suede is so happening right now. If you don’t have suede stuff, what are you waiting for? Oh, you’re worried about the weather ruining it? Understandable. What about faux suede? The Felicity Faux Suede Shift Dress from Cupcakes & Cashmere lets you take advantage of the suede craze without worrying about the damage fall’s wet weather can bring. You don’t want wet suede. It’s like, ew, stinky. No thanks.