Wants & Needs | Nuvango Watermelon Women’s Classic Tank

Festival season is upon us which means you need to look your best while being comfortable. With this Watermelon Women’s Classic Tank from Nuvango’s Festival Collection you can achieve that perfect blend of style and comfort. Made in Toronto, featuring original artwork by Julia Badeeva, everyone’ll be all like, “Hey where’d you get that tank” and you’ll be all like, “the Internet” and they’ll be all like, “Cool.” And you’ll go watch Coeur de Pirate together and live happily ever after.

Wants & Needs | Les Tatoués So Long, Sailor Temporary Tattoos

Thinking of getting a tattoo but not looking for something permanent? Try these temporary options from family company, Les Tatoués. Designed by Jean-Sebastien Poupart in Montreal, you get two sheets of temporary tattoos that feature some nautical stuff like lobsters, rope and dice. Makes sense, right? Sailors play dice when they’re not roping lobsters … or do they? Doesn’t matter. You’ll satisfy your craving for a tattoo without actually inking your skin.

Wants & Needs | Artful Dodger Tattoo Balm

After you get inked, you’ll want to maintain your new skin art. In order to do that, you’ll need Artful Dodger Tattoo Balm made in Moncton with coconut oil, hempseed (infused with chamomile and calendula for extra soothing properties), Shea butter, vitamin E and bees wax - the best kind of wax (according to bees). Besides rubbing it on your fresh tats, this balm can revitalize old ink and is great for dry skin because it helps fight itch. Doesn’t itching suck? Nobody likes to itch. Put the balm on.

Wants & Needs | Calvin Klein's Logo Underband Bralette

There isn’t enough nostalgia in the world to describe how important Calvin Klein logo Underband Bralettes were to the fashion industry in the 90s. Now, they’re back and you need to get one in every colour. They’re sporty. They’re soft. They’re comfortable. They’re great under a pair of overalls which are also back in style because fashion, like time, is a flat circle. Wear this bralette to work out. Wear it to dinner. Wear it to a show. Wear it with that new pair of overalls you just bought. Just wear it. You know you want to.

Wants & Needs | BRUNETTE's Fries Before Guys Crew

We all love fries of the French persuasion. Whether they’re classic, waffle, steak-cut, curly, crinkle, shoestring or part of a poutine, fries should always come before guys. Mark your intention to eat more fries with this crew neck from BRUNETTE the Label. Since 2015, this Vancouver-based brand has been making it their mission to ensure you have something awesome to wear while you’re out, about and straight up nailing this whole thing called life. Get this crew neck today and then get yourself some fries. 

Wants & Needs | Ashbury Davidson Sunglasses in Hyper Brown Tortoise

Sunglasses. We need ‘em. Our eyes are wicked sensitive and UV rays are out to destroy our beautiful peepers. Did you know that you can wear sunglasses all year round and not just in the summer? With these hand-crafted acetate frame Davidson shades from Ashbury in Hyper Brown Tortoise - a colour ROYGBIV is totally jealous of, BTW - you can protect your eyes from the sun during all four Canadian seasons; Summer, Fall, Hockey and Construction. Plus, you’ll look rad which is always a bonus. 

Wants & Needs | Partyskirts: Pink Flamingo Classic

Sometimes you don’t have a hot skirt to wear to a party. With this Pink Flamingo Classic from this Vancouver-based label, you do. This high-waisted number from Lauren and Mariel Armstrong’s Partyskirts has pockets which is so important because your phone needs somewhere to go. It’s like, ugh, why can’t all skirts have pockets, right? Anyway, the fun flamingo print was created by another Vancouverite, artist Ryley O’Byrne. But seriously, pockets. Get this party skirt from Partyskirts for the pockets alone.

Wants & Needs | ProjectPlanted Wood Watch

Made from Canadian maple - the best maple, duh - this wooden watch from ProjectPlanted is a throwback to an era when we didn’t have phones that told time. Remember when you had to wear a device on your wrist if you wanted to know if it was 4:20? That was sooooo long ago but you can bring back the good ole days with this gorgeous handmade wood watch. ProjectPlanted also donates a portion of their sales to the environment by planting trees. We need trees because of oxygen and whatnot. So, buy this watch and we’ll all keep breathing.

Wants & Needs | People Footwear's Phillips High Supreme Red/Picket White

Vancouver-based People Footwear is giving your ratty old Converse a run for their money with their Phillips High Supreme Red/Picket White high-tops. Featuring a basket woven, upper SkyLite™ EVA outsole and a removable SuperCrush™ sock-liner, you’re looking at mega comfort. No disrespect to Converse* -- the shoe to end all shoes -- but sometimes you need to switch it up with something that says, “I’m hip but I’m also into being comfortable”. Get a pair today but maybe hide them from your Converse so they don’t get jealous.

Wants & Needs | Johnny Cupcakes "Bakesy" Tee

Johnny Cupcakes is known for creating classic T-Shirts that riff on everyone’s favourite parts of pop culture. With the Bakesy tee, you get a stylish little number that comes in different colours. Bakesy! Get it? Yeah, you get it and you should get this because it’s an awesome tee. Made of 90% cotton and 10% polyester - you know, for that added stretch and comfort - the Bakesy is a must have for anyone that needs something to wear with their pants. You can’t not wear a shirt, you’ll get sunburned.