Wants & Needs | SpiritOV - Geo Short Triangle Necklace

You probably already have a bunch of necklaces but you should get one more: The Geo Short Triangle from SpiritOV. Hand made in Toronto, this necklace is eco-friendly which means you can support the environment while looking fly. Besides being good for Mama Earth, this necklace is made of sustainable sterling silver, matches with everything, and, it’s hypoallergenic so you won’t suffer weird skin irritations. Those are the worst. No thanks.

Wants & Needs | Atelier Martin Dhust - Lamm Clutch

Handmade leather accessories should play a large part in your everyday look. But, you probably don’t have time to make your own. Before you start googling “how to DIY a leather clutch”, check out this fine number from Montreal’s Atelier Martin Dhust. The Lamm is made of buffalo leather, finished with bee wax and topped with pleine fleur cow leather. Translation: This clutch is amazing and you should make it a staple in your wardrobe.

Wants & Needs | Vans X Nintendo

Allover Zelda print? Yes. Vans and Nintendo have partnered to create the best slip-on of all the slip-ons. Honour our 8-bit video game ancestors by sporting these Legend of Zelda low profiles. Complete with the Vans greatness you know and love - padded collars, elastic side accents and signature rubber waffle outsoles - these shoes are perfect gaming. Link would approve and totally wear them to mess up Ganondorf.

Wants & Needs | Fashionmichka Denim and Leather Apron

Direct from Wasaga, Ontario it’s … an apron? But here’s the thing, it’s not just any apron, it’s a denim and leather apron that you’ll look rad in while you’re barbecuing. Or you could wear it while you make vegan flourless cupcakes. Baking, cooking and operating the BBQ after you’ve had a few can get messy, but at least you’ll have this Fashionmichka handmade creation to protect your clothes from rogue tomato sauce, vanilla icing or dry rub. You could probably wear it when you’re not around food too. That’s how awesome this apron is.

Wants & Needs | Frank & Oak Groom's Beard Wash

You have a beard (maybe). You want it to look nice. You want it to smell pretty. You want to get bits of last night’s dinner out of it. How do you do that without shaving it off completely? With Groom’s Beard Wash from your pals at Frank & Oak you can put those clippers down and get the cleanest imperial fuzz you deserve. This beard shampoo is specially formulated for regular use and has cooling properties - science! - to make the skin under your beard feel really awesome. Get it now to get those bits of taco shells out of your bristles.

Wants & Needs | J’M’en Sac Bag

There’s something thrilling about not giving a rat’s behind. Show how much you don’t care about anything with this handmade, ink on canvas bag from Montreal’s MCMarquisDesign. This carry-all is perfect for anyone who doesn’t care but has to shlep stuff around. Technically “J’m’en sac” means “I don’t bag” but you should bag, this bag. You just shouldn’t care.

Wants & Needs | Cat And Pony Club Handmade Tartan Purse

Made from vegan leather and repurposed tartan, this bag is exactly what you need to put your stuff in. Instead of cramming your keys and phone into your pocket, get this bag. Get it now because you can never have too many handbags. Handmade in Montreal by Scottish import Jane Davie, Cat And Pony Club’s bags are a must have for people who have style and know that it’s not called “plaid”, it’s called “tartan”.

Wants & Needs | Cartel Footwear's Spring/Summer Line

Back in December we introduced you to the timeless design of Cartel Footwear's leather boot collection. So, of course, we were excited to see this year's Spring/Summer collection of shoes and sandals! The 2016 collection is influenced by two unique and completely contrasting sources, late 70’s English Mod and Club culture and the Old West, through pairing materials such as patent leather and metallic materials, or natural suede,  tassels and subtle Cordovan lining.