Wants & Needs | Secret Wood: Rocky Lagoon Ring

Ever wanted to visit a lagoon in the Rockies but don’t have the time? With Secret Wood’s Rocky Lagoon Ring, you can keep the Rockies wrapped around your finger. The Rocky Lagoon ring is hand crafted in Canada with beeswax and fine woods like light oak. That’s good wood! Plus, no two rings are alike because each piece of jewellery from Secret Wood is made from scratch so you know you’re getting something really special.

Wants & Needs | Gabby Swing Jacket

It’s still summer. Why would you need a jacket? Well, you don’t right now but you will in a few weeks. You know how Canada works. Whether you live in Victoria, BC or Bathurst, NB, it’s gonna get nippy out soon. Get a leg up on fall with the Gabby Swing Jacket from Devinto. Eco-friendly and made from a cozy ethically-sourced material, this jacket has a 3/4 sleeve so you can even get away with wearing it on a cool night in late September when the temperature dips below 15 Celsius.

Wants & Needs | 40s & Shorties: Crying Game Socks

Say what you will about Kim Kardashian - and you’ve probably said some stuff - but she’s definitely an icon. An icon of fashion? Beauty? Being famous? We may not be sure exactly what makes her iconic but she’s not going anywhere and we have to make the best of it. Show your support for Saint and North’s mom - or at least keep your feet warm - with these Kim K. crying socks from 40s & Shorties. And with these socks you’ll be keeping up - sorry had to - with culture.

Wants & Needs | BB Dakota: Nikola Lace Romper

For those days when you’re feeling whimsical, keep it romantic with this off-the-shoulder lace romper. The Nikola Romper from BB Dakota is 65% Nylon, 35% Cotton and 100% gorgeous. Dress it down with a pair of sneakers and search for hobbits in the woods or dress it up with a crown of flowers and wear it to your wedding. Maybe you’re marrying one of the hobbits you met in the woods? With the Nikola Romper anything is possible.

Wants & Needs | Dorit Fuhg: Portrait of a Highland Cow Throw Pillow

Highland cattle aren’t that big a deal here in Canada but that doesn’t mean you can’t rep their awesome faces in your home. Seriously, look at that face! Sooooo cute. Artist Dorit Fuhg’s decorative throw pillow is made from 100% spun polyester poplin fabric and includes a faux down insert which is great for those of us who are allergic to down and want to buy this item without having an Asthma attack. Get this pillow for your couch now and up your Highland cattle game.

Wants & Needs | East Coast Lifestyle Classic Swoop Tee in Black

The east coast of Canada is very chill. If you don’t live in the Maritimes you may have no idea how very chill it is. Show your support for chillest lifestyle ever with an East Coast Lifestyle Classic Swoop Tee in black. Born and bred in Halifax, East Coast Lifestyle makes hats, hoodies, tanks, tees - basically clothing that you can wear lobster fishing or for beers with your buds. You don’t have to be an east coaster to appreciate the power of a black T-shirt.

Wants & Needs | Native Shoes: Jefferson Block

Vegan, hand washable, shock absorbent, odour resistant, sturdy rubber toes - what more do you need from shoes? You want them to do your taxes? Cook you dinner? Make sure you don’t sleep through your alarm again? Love you unconditionally? Let you borrow the car? They’re shoes, not your mother. But, your mom will love these shoes because they’re Canadian (made by Vancouver-based Native Shoes) and stylish as all hell. Your mom has good taste.