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Artful Vision | Karina Isabelle

The rising popularity of silk-screening makes it very likely that you have come across Karina Isabelle's shirts at some point. Setting herself apart from the current industry trends, she creates playful and relatable illustrations aimed at making people smile. "I measure my artworks’ success on the fact that people are excited enough to not only purchase them but to wear them proudly," explains the young artist and business owner. But let's take things back a little, success doesn't happen over night.

Music Profile | Jean-Michel Blais and CFCF

Though currently quite hyped across both contemporary and classical scenes, it was really just over a year ago that Montreal-based pianist Jean-Michel Blais was playing for an audience of one. That is, unless you counted a few roommates and neighbours that could sense him gracefully stretch his fingers across his apartment's old upright in the early a.m. hours, some more willing to hear this than others.

Artful Vision | Sylvain Granier

For some, receiving a camera as a birthday gift is significant, but nonetheless still "just" a gift. For Sylvain Granier, Montreal-based photographer operating under the brand name Partywithsylvain, it was the jumpstart to his now day-to-day life. Granier's digital print of his professional career has taken a greater importance over the last three years, rounding up an endless amount of shots and busy shoot nights.