Wants & Needs | Ellebox

Ladies, there’s a few days per month where we require special treatment. It’s not our fault, it’s biology. To make our monthlies more fun - just kidding, they’re never fun …  To make our monthlies more tolerable there’s the Vancouver-based Ellebox. It’s a subscription box that comes with all the stuff a lady needs to get through this trying and emotional time - cue the Adele on loop. You can customize your box with pads, tampons, and the best part - chocolate and tea for cramps.

Wants & Needs | AG Hair Care

AG Hair has launched their new spring line, TEXTURE, which boasts undone hair made easy.

The line includes four products that feature an innovative range of naturally-derived and locally-made products, which include AG’s exclusive formula Sea Complex. Sea Complex is an infusion of three naturally texturing and clarifying seaweed extracts plus anti-aging sea-berry oil.

The line offers a Cleansing Cream; Sea Spray, Textured Gloss and a Dry Wax. The brand also has new packaging, all wrapped up in lovely peonies.

Lush | Feed Your Face

Fall is here and Lush wants to make sure your skin is getting the proper nutrition it deserves with three new face masks that will leave you feeling fresh from cheek to cheek. Full of fruits, natural butters, clays and the world’s finest essential oils, these new additions are the first of many more to come in the Lush face mask family. 

Hey Jude

If you’re based in Vancouver and haven’t heard of Hey Jude then you’ve almost definitely been living under a rock. Lyndsey and Lauren, the talented duo behind this innovative vintage fashion company have always loved the history behind vintage and mixing unique items and finally in late 2010 formed Hey Jude—hand-picked, quality vintage collections from all over the world.

m0851 | Black Friday

Entirely created and handcrafted in their Montreal workshop since 1987, m0851 artisans maintain full control of the quality of their leather bags and accessories, jackets, and outerwear at every step of the creation process. All m0851 products are designed and manufactured by Canadian craftsmen using high-end carefully sourced raw materials, creating functional, timeless, utilitarian designs for men and women. 

WANT Apothecary

Founded in Montreal three years ago, with its Toronto store opening earlier this year, it was only a matter of time until WANT Apothecary made its way to the streets of Vancouver. Opening last month in South Granville, WANT is carefully curated by store designers Byron and Dexter Peart, as well as co-founders Mark Wiltzer and Jacqueline Gelber.

Martone Cycling Co. x Hudson's Bay Pop-Up

Where can you get your hands on this beaut of a bike you say? At The Room at Hudson’s Bay pop-up in Toronto and Vancouver! Launched at the end of June, Martone Cycling Co. offers everything a city dweller needs to feel and look good on a performance-driven bike.  Designed in New York, the bikes are made of steel and aluminum, weigh a mere 26 pounds, and come with a built in basket to accommodate the city rider (sold!).