Why The OA Made Me Feel Like I was Watching Lost (Even Though I've Never Watched the Show)

Let me start by stating that I've never watched a season or a whole episode of Lost. I happen to have the season 2 box set, (which was left at my home by the past tenants) but I've never watched it. I start by saying this because I think I get how a fan of that show felt while watching The OA.

Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp [TRAILER]

With less than a month to go before Netflix offers up perhaps the most anticipated of its original programming, a prequel series of David Wain's cult feature Wet Hot American Summer, we the population of the internet were treated to a full trailer for the series, and were not disappointed. All your favourite cast members are back (including an eventual breakout star, Bradley Cooper) plus heavy hitting additions like Jordan Peele and the cheekily "introduced" Jon Hamm.

Buried Life

Have you ever experienced this? You're sitting with a friend, listening to them describe an idea, a new project they're working on and you're like..."Shit, That's a great idea. Why the fuck didn't I think of that?"