Rag & Bone: Harrow Boot

Not sure if the Harrow Boot from Rag & Bone was named after a farming tool, a school in England or a municipality in Ontario but you need a pair so who cares where the name comes from. These boots are classic and can be paired with denim or fancy wear. Plus, they’re this blushy taupe colour that’s so hot right now. The Harrow’s are leather-lined and have a padded footbed so you can wear them all day without your feet hating you. Don’t you hate it when your feet hate you? The worst!

Arc’Teryx Veilance: Mionn IS Comp Men’s Jacket

Do you have a jacket? That’s a silly question. Of course you have a jacket. This is Canada and in Canada, you need a jacket for at least eight months out of the year. Anyway, you should get another jacket to diversify your wardrobe. The Mionn IS Comp Men’s Jacket from Arc’Teryx Veilance is insulated with Coreloftä - something obviously important since it’s trademarked! – and a breathable merino/nylon knit.

Wants & Needs | Converse Counter Climate Chucks

You know that wet stuff that falls from the sky, ruins your Converse sneakers and gets your feet wet? Now you can wear your Converse in the rain. The RAIN. Yes, the same stuff that drops from above can now drop onto your shoes with no consequences. Built for the outside world, these sneakers are made of water-repellent translucent rubber with a Nike Lunarlon insole cushioning, padded non-slip tongue and micro-suede lining.

Adidas Originals X wings + horns Helmet Bag

Vancouver’s wings + horns has teamed up with Adidas Originals to make a bag. You’re all like, “But I already have a bag!” Good for you. You still need this bag. This is a military-inspired helmet bag with padded ripstop lining, deep exterior pockets and a coated nylon base. What’s great about his bag is that if you don’t have helmet you can use it for other stuff like beef jerky and Band-aids which is what most people keep in their bags.

Fall Fashion: Roots Sage dress

Does it get more Canadian than Roots? Unless you’re an actual beaver, you’re probably looking for ways to wear local designers and with the Sage dress from Roots, you can do just that. One of our country’s most-trusted brands has moved beyond sweatpants in the last decade and really come into their own as a casual fashion powerhouse. Plus, the Sage dress will keep you warm in the coming months when the weather gets all pissy as it is wont to do in this country.

Wants & Needs | Rains Poncho

It rains sometimes this time of year. It messes with your hair, your clothes and your shoes. With the Poncho from Rains you get protection from the elements plus you’ll look dope. This practical and stylish pullover has side buttons making it easy to pull on and off. What an aptly named company! Rains. It’s like they knew what they wanted to make and didn’t bother to come up with a silly name. Respect.

MILES TO GO: Call of Cthulhu Tee

Let’s face it, HP Lovecraft was a major donk (re: horrible dude). However, he did invent some of the tropes and themes still used in today’s horror genre. MILES TO GO’s Call of Cthulhu Tee is made of 100% combed cotton and features one of Lovecraft’s most beloved and feared creations, the Great Old One himself. Cthulhu is older than dirt and looks like the love child of Aquaman and the Kraken.

Shawn Patt Designs: Mixed Brass Bib Necklace

If you’re a messy eater, you need a bib to catch crumbs and other food debris before they make a home on your clothes. If you’re not a messy eater but like bibs - because why not? Do you. - then this Mixed Brass Bib Necklace from Shawn Patt Designs is very much needed. Handmade in Toronto of mixed metals like brass, this bib isn’t actually a bib. But you knew that. You know it’s a statement necklace and you know you should get it and wear it immediately.

Wants & Needs: 'What About Barb?' Tank

Nancy wanted to hook up with Steve. Barb, being the good friend that she is, decided to wait by the pool so that if anything happened to Nancy, because really, Steve was a bit sketchy, she’d be there. Barb was the breakout star of Stranger Things and the best friend a girl could ask for. You should show her some love with this What About Barb? tee from MyMainTees. Handmade in Toronto, each tee is made to order so you know you’re getting quality.